The NSBE Houston Space Professionals Chapter is open to all interested persons.  There is no requirement to be Black, or to be an engineer.  However, all members must support and work towards the NSBE Mission: "to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community."  Any person who contributes towards this mission is welcome to be a member of this chapter.

From a practical standpoint, the chapter is focused on the NASA Johnson Space Center.  Most activities take place onsite at NASA, which requires either an employee or visitor badge for access.  Most members should be civil servant or contractor employees of NASA.  In order for those without badges to participate, they must be US citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents who complete the chapter badge request form in time for an executive board member to request a badge for you from NASA in sufficient time for NASA Security to process.  Persons who show up to the NASA security gate without a completed badge request will be denied access.

Joining is a simple process that is completed online from any internet-connected computer or smart phone.  Persons must join at both the national and chapter level to be considered members of the chapter.  Annual national dues are $50 and expire on July 31 of every year, no matter when paid.  Annual chapter dues are $25 and should be paid at the same time as national dues.

We do not have general members in the Houston Space Professionals Chapter.  All members are asked to join a specific committee or team.  This helps us ensure that nobody has a large workload and that we are all working together in support of the NSBE mission.  As a member, you should expect an involvement of no greater than 2-5 hours per week, including meeting attendance and conference calls.  The bulk of our work is focused around the technical projects we support and the conferences we operate.  Please speak with an Executive Board member or Executive Sponsor if you are uncertain as to where you might best fit in.

Pay national dues at  Choose the "Join NSBE" hyperlink at the top right of the screen.  Pay national dues prior to paying chapter dues.  Make sure to choose the Houston Space (not Houston) chapter and select the Space SIG when asked about special interest groups.

Pay chapter dues.  You have two choices:


NSBE publications would like to periodically feature chapter members for interest articles.  Please inform us with details any time any of the following occurs:

  • You receive a promotion or change jobs
  • You receive a certification or an advanced degree
  • You attend a training course (onsite or otherwise)


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